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International Dendrological Research Institute

About IDRI

The International Dendrological Research Institute is a publicly supported, nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization dedicated to documenting the woody flora, the backbone of the forest, worldwide The variability of the species and the composition of their communities as they appear in their habitats hold important information toward a better understanding of our living environment and related conservation issues. IDRI's purpose is both to support the documentation of the selected flora (Dendrological Documentation Project, DDP), and to make this documentation available for public use, both as botanical documentation (natural history collection) and by creating a widely usable tool for dendrological education and a better understanding of our goals and challenges.

IDRI Mission Statement

To work toward the global promotion and advancement of dendrological research both scientific and applied.

to disseminate the knowledge gained from this research and educate the public as to the needs for and benefits of conservation, stewardship, appreciation and the improved use of trees and shrubs;

to support and facilitate the international exchange of scientific information and documentation as well as scholars, scientists, teachers, and students.

The DDP uses three approaches to achieve these goals:

  • Consistent data collecting, field recording, and documentation;
  • Increasing knowledge by providing comparative information on the woody flora by using the strength of both science and art (DAP);
  • Direct communication with local people in the field to stimulate locally based conservation efforts (Immediate Action for Conservation).

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